The personal driver

In the near future cars will drive themselves. This disruptive technology will change almost everything about the current automotive industry. But how could a car look if it doesn’t has to look like a car anymore? How will this automatization influence the interaction between human and vehicle?

As a first result, owning a car will become obsolete. Instead we will be driven around in shared vehicles which are available at any given time and place. This new-found relationship between human and machine therefore needs an adjusted design approach.


Instead of focussing on driving, time spent in between places becomes productive and could be used for almost anything. This new functional use requires a design which is less static then current car interiors.

A deformable landscape can adapt to it’s users needs and personality. Resulting in a continuously evolving space with no fixed values.



A rectangular exterior casing could allow space for these new ways of use. Therefore, the car evolves into an architectural object. It becomes a room which is open to the user’s own interpretation.

If car’s are no longer owned privately, they will ultimately lose their commercial value. Therefore disappears the need to create a visual spectacle, a tool used by manufacturers to increase sales. Instead, cars can be given shape in a rather neutral way, which could make them more respectful to their surroundings.

For example, the outer side could be covered in a mirroring material. Resulting in an object that automatically adapts to its environment, continuously reflecting the colors and shapes it encounters.

The car becomes a driving chameleon.



This design is a logic result of the disruptive waves powered by driverless technology. It’s a visual answer to questions we are inevitably going to be confronted with in the near future.

This isn’t science fiction. Neither is it reality, yet.



The only element which connects past, present and future is the wheel. It’s appearance and construction have evolved throughout history and will continue to do so. The basic principle however has always remained the same and will remain so.

Even when technology forces everything around this object to change, it simply keeps spinning.This isn’t science fiction. Neither is it reality, yet.

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